Sperm Vs Low Sperm Essay

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Having an Abnormal sperm is a very severe problem and it is totally different from the low motility of the sperm or low sperm count. Low sperm count can be corrected in lots of different ways. One can follow a healthy lifestyle, by eating the correct foods, substituting briefs with boxers and doing regular exercises to keep fit. Basically, a change in your day to day activities to help increase the sperm count. No doubt one puts a lot of effort in treating the low sperm count as it a lot easier as compared to the abnormal sperm. Why do we put so much stress on abnormal sperms? Does it have any social impact on an individual? Abnormal sperm are usually found in abundance and are highly motile, and since it is not of the normal physiology, it fails to fertilize the egg. Although there are no problems with movement, it can reach the destination fallopian tube with ease but cannot fertilize the egg. Having such sperm is no worse than having no sperm. Although 80% of the fertility problems in males are related to low sperm count, it can be treated by changing one’s lifestyle to help improve the quality of the male’s sperm. Then we refer to low motility. It has…show more content…
It can either be that’s the social environment and society we live in has led to an increase in the cases of men with abnormal sperm, or it could be that because of abnormal sperm, an individual’s social wellbeing is in jeopardy (such as social Interactions or self-confidence) There are many causes of abnormal sperm such as smoking, excessive drinking and even weight gain – just to name a few. The effects of abnormal sperms are also vital for a man’s social wellbeing- for example if he finds out he has this condition he may be reluctant to get into intimate relationship. He maybe be insecure, develop a low self-esteem. On the extreme he could become depression and turn to substance abuse which itself is adding fuel to the

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