Essay On Lower Class Taxes

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Should the upper class pay as much taxes as the lower class? Over the years, the taxes started going higher for the lower class the taxes for the upper class decreased. Taxes should be based on the ratio of how much a person makes. Rich people have a lot of money and it’s nothing to when it comes to pay taxes. Poor people have trouble getting jobs and putting food on the table. But if they raise the taxes for the upper class, it can motivate some rich people to move to another country. It also divides America. It can turn the lower class and middle class against the rich and have the rich against the poor and middle class.

Two thirds of the US support higher taxes on the wealthy and a higher minimum wage as ways to narrow the wealth gap. The upper class have enough money to pay as much as they tax the lower and middle class. Poor people pay more taxes so the more they pay, the poorer they get. Corporations are getting bigger
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They can start to go against each other and shift money from the private sector. The money ends up going to special interests or campaign sponsors. It can make the rich mad and they would leave the state and take all of their tax amounts or incomes. Having the taxes that they have now, it could be a higher potential financial gain. So, many people are most likely to invest and start new corporations or enterprises. The fact is that the upper class should pay more and higher there taxes. Making their taxes higher can help many others who need money. Such as poor people, organizations, and others who are struggling with certain things. It wouldn't hurt them to higher the taxes because they just get so much more money than lower and middle class. That money can make a difference and even if the government uses that money when they run out, it can go to education, countries that need help and security, and many more ideas that may come up in the
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