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Experiencing bad lucid dreams According to Stephen LaBerge from the Lucidity Institute, a special machine that they used tracked the eye movements of people having lucid dreams thus making it able to show that lucid dreaming really does exist. They tested people by asking them to move their eyes from right to left after being conscious and recorded some information from the moment they were experiencing lucid dreams. Most people while sleeping are not aware of occurrence of dreams, although some may recall some things that happened in their dream when they wake up. Most people wonder, is lucid dreaming dangerous? When people are having lucid dreams they are aware of
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Sleep paralysis may be a terrifying experience to some people even though it is not dangerous. Lucid dreamers have high frequencies of sleep paralysis, and methods are to be used to distinguish it and other are known to cause this such as the wild method. Pain in dreams, by the word itself it causes you pain on what you are having in your dream. You are being taunted and teased by the things you are dreaming and you cannot do anything about it but to wake up. When having a dream, people fear of being trapped in a place where they couldn’t get out of it, they couldn’t manipulate the dream or be awaken, this is called “dream claustrophobia”. Being trapped in dark never ending hallway or from a box full of water and being trapped inside it is a big deal to be afraid of having this kind of dream. Oneirophobia is the fear of having dreams, good ones or bad ones any kinds of dreams. People who have this kind of phobic disorder are the ones who experienced bad lucid dreams in their past and never wanted it to happen again, making them fear having dreams. On the other hand somniphobia is the fear of sleep. Some people are afraid of sleeping because they fear that they may not wake up from a bad dream or they fear that they are going to be attacked while they are

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