Lucid Dreaming Reality Checks Essay

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Lucid Dreaming Reality Checks - All You Need to Know!
Most people often do it incorrectly and they are less focused towards this particular method but, I believe that lucid dreaming reality checks are of utmost importance if you are willing to be a conscious dreamer.
Yeah it is true that you can do whatever you want in your dreams when you become a conscious dreamer and live what we can say a "virtual reality" when we are asleep with practice, but "lucid dreaming" is basically all about knowing that you are dreaming.
You may say "but that is not everything, it is just the first step", but I say it is everything! Why? Because all you learn as a conscious dreamer with practice whether let it be "having long lucid dreams", "lucid dreaming frequently",
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Well, I have talked a lot about why it is important now let’s see how to do it the right way.
I am not going to give you a 100 tips on this or introduce you to a new "working formula", it doesn't matter what reality check you choose or how you do it, just keep two things in mind: -
1 - Make it a part of your life.
2 - Do it with total sincerity and genuine curiosity.
What people tend to do is to use this tool for the end goal i.e. to induce lucid dreams, but reality check are not there for having a lucid dreams, yes you heard me right, it is for knowing the truth if what you are experiencing right now is real or not.
If you will do the reality check and think "I know I am not dreaming, but I have to do this for becoming a lucid dreamer", it is never going to work because the chances will be that you will perform it in dreams with the kind of thoughts.
But if you start doing it in order to question your reality with genuine intentions of knowing the truth, you will naturally do that in your dreams and with your new act of being more aware you will eventually start having lucid
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