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Lungworms are a parasite that infects your lungs and important blood vessels in your body. Cases of lungworms are seen in cattle. There's no explanation to how these animals get the disease, but there was a hot spot in southern New England that was common for cattle to catch lungworms. The only explanations are the moving of animals throughout the country and encounters with wildlife that is not urban.
A lungworm is a parasitic worm also known as angiostrongylusvasorum, which affect cows. This is dangerous because they can spread the disease wildly among a lot of other animals, and people. Once these cows are infected the lung worm starts to live in the heart of the host and some major blood vessels that supply the lungs. After
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Lungworms cycle starts when ingestion of infective larva. The infective larvae then lays the intestinal wall where then the larva migrates into the bloodstream. Then infected larvae reside in the lungs until the development into an adult lungworm. After that the adult lungworm eggs hatch and are coughed up and go back into the stomach where the host releases it back into the environment via feces. It can cause major economic loss if an outbreak occurs, many livestocks can get infected and possibly die. Farmers try to prevent this from happening by vaccinating every livestock they have every month and a half. These epidemics of lungworms in livestock mostly occur in western wetter parts of places, because that's usually where infected snails, and slugs would live. To prevent your animal from contracting lungworms it would be likely to speak to your vet for regular lungworm treatment. Especially if you travel a lot with your animal, and be careful whenever you take your pet or animal somewhere where there is grass. Make sure there isn't any snail or slugs around that he can eat, because he might contract lungworms. Also, if your animal starts acting different or seems unwell take him to the vet so he can have a check up and see what he/she has wrong with

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