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Research topic WOMEN’S INCLINATION TOWARDS LUXURY HANDBAGS: - Fashion accessories especially handbags has become an important part of life. With the rise in the standard of living there is a shift customers have also shifted to purchase of branded products. Luxury is no more confined to the higher end of the society instead it is used for mass showcasing. Business Significance The pivot of our research is studying the women’s inclination towards luxury handbags. The research is conducted too figure out the growth of luxury handbag market, key factors influencing the purchase of these bags. Research Questions 1. To determine the level of inclination of women customer towards luxury handbags? 2. Factors that influence the intention to purchase handbags?…show more content…
Women prefer these handbags due to their high end idiosyncrasy. ii. These bags are differentiated on the basis of their inherited craftsmanship. iii. Goodwill of these brands across the globe is another factor that influences the purchase of these handbags. iv. Distinctive designs and styles are an added factor that positively influences the behaviour of the customer towards purchase of luxury handbags. Effect of celebrity endorsements on the purchase of luxury handbags:- The impact of celebrities endorsing these luxury handbags has increased since 2001. Women aged between 17-30 years are majorly influenced by the celebrities endorsing the luxury handbags. On the other hand women aged 54years and above are hardly influenced by these endorsements. Research Methodology:- Respondents of the study- The research was conducted to identify the various factors influencing the inclination of women customer towards luxury handbags. As per the recent trends it was noted that the demand for the luxury handbag has increased because of their high end idiosyncrasy. The demand has also increased because the goodwill of these brands across the globe is another factor that influences the purchase of these handbags. Data collection

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