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Lymphadenitis is the result of swollen lymph nodes due to an infection. Due to the large number of microbes that are collected from tissue fluid and circulate in the lymph vessels, the macrophages present in the lymph nodes may not be able to ingest them as they may be too large, thus leading to the enlargement of the lymph node.
When a lymph node become infected, they are usually a lot more noticeable due to the increase in size, the lymph nodes becomes tender and are felt in other parts of the body. Normal lymph nodes can only be felt under the jaw, under your arms and in the groin area.
The main cause of lymphadenitis is when the lymph nodes swell due to an infection or virus such as the common cold. Cancer can also cause the lymph nodes to become inflamed. Cancers like leukaemia and
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It can be in all or in a part of the limb. Other symptoms of lymphedema are skin infections, having difficulty with moving, skin becomes tight and hard. Fluid may also begin to leak through the skin.
When the lymphatic system doesn’t function properly, it can lead to lymphedema. Due to this, it can result in the lymphatic system failing to help fight infections and remove excess fluid from the tissues. The first type of lymphedema is caused by faulty genes that affect the development of the lymphatic system. This is known as primary lymphedema. The second type of lymphedema is caused by damage to the lymphatic system, problems with movement and drainage of fluid in the lymphatic system. This can be the results of an infection, cancer treatment or inflammation of the limbs. This is known as secondary lymphedema.
Lymphedema can also be caused by tumours that obstruct the lymph vessels; women can suffer bouts of lymphedema during mensuration or pregnancy. Lymphedema can also be the result of Milroy disease. When an individual is obese or stands for a prolonged period of time, this can also lead to

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