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Patriarchy presents the roles of men and women in a distinct form. Men are expected to be the dominant leader, strong, protector and sole provider where as women are subverted to the role of domestic duties, raring of children and fulfilling her man’s every desire without question or comment. In Lynn Nottage’s play Poof!, she brilliantly portrays the roles of men and women, and experiments with the concept of changing gender roles that are characteristic of our society. Overtime, the patriarchal system has been challenged and the defined gender roles are in the process of being eradicated. By presenting the plays protagonist Loureen, as an abuse victim that finds her voice and stands up against her battery, Lynn brilliantly illustrates that …show more content…

The play ensues with Loureen raising her voice to her beloved abusive husband, when she challenges his authority he vanishes. This is where the plots play takes flight as Loureen is left awestruck by his disappearance. She is left confused on the way forward; she does not know how to carry on with life without her husband while feelings of despair and resentment reside within her. She questions whether she is murderer or victim and is left puzzled while trying to piece together the fragments of her life now that she is rid of the monster and freed from his gripping claws. We see the typical symptoms of battered woman syndrome, being displayed by Loureen, as she goes back and forth between memories of her husband and trying to figure her way …show more content…

traditional gender roles are challenged. Through the use of magical realism and characterization, Nottage irrevocably illustrates the power that women truly have. She challenges what is said in society and shows women in a different light. What is more, by giving it a feminist swing, Lynn illustrates that the society purposely places these gender specific roles to ensure that hierarchy is kept, and psychologically oppress women, who are equal in strength to

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