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Lysistrata is a Greek comedy written by Aristophanes in 411 B.C. The version of Lysistrata that I have chosen to direct was translated by Charles T. Murphy in 1957. Murphy’s interpretation of the comedy illustrates story of Lysistrata’s devotion to end the Peloponnesian War in a new, contemporary approach. If I were to direct this play, I would aim for the audience to not only understand the plot, but also learn from the performance and leave talking about my artistic adaptations of the comedy. In order to direct this play there would be certain necessities that I would need such as actors, costumes, and sets. I visualize my production of Lysistrata being presented on a on two floor set. The upper level of the set would have columns to represents the Propylaea with the Acropolis painted behind it. Once the women make their oath I plan for them to pull down gates so that the audience truly understands that the Acropolis is off limits to all except the women. Lysistrata would always stand on the upper level, whereas the rest of the women would start on the ground level of the floor and make their way up the steps of the orchestra symbolizing their realization in their gain of power. The men will always be presented on the lower level and try to make their way to the top, but the female actress will casually bring them back to the ground…show more content…
I intend for the audience to leave the performance with a better understanding of gender and the effects they have on each other. I also would like them to leave knowing that people no matter their gender can create a change; all you need is the courage to stand up for what you think is right. I hope that the audience to appreciates Lysistrata as a strong powerful leader that people aspire to be. I would also hope that everyone would leave understanding the plot and enjoying my visual choices that I made to direct this
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