Essay On Ma Joad In The Grapes Of Wrath

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In “The Grapes of Wrath”, John Steinbeck developed Ma Joad as the matriarchal hero of the story. Ma Joad is the mother of the Joad family who exhibits her matriarchal heroism in many ways throughout the story. She endows people with hope, takes on leadership roles, and keeps the family bonded together. Before Ma Joad left with her family from Oklahoma to go to California. We saw her as a person who looked towards the men for guidance. She was very much someone who followed and respected the patriarchal lifestyle. That so many other families at that time followed. Surprisingly when the Joad family’s car breaks down that part of her had died. When the car broke down. The men in the Joad family all agreed to a decision that would allow for Tom Joad to part ways with the family and try to fix the car while the rest of the family continued to California. Ma Joad…show more content…
John Steinbeck described the boxcars as, “The floor was splashed with grease. In the one room stood a rusty tin stove and nothing more. The tin stove rested on four bricks and its rusty stovepipe went up through the roof. The room smelled of sweat and grease (352).” John Steinbeck essentially conveyed the filthy conditions that the Joad family would have to live in. Despite how horrific the Joad family’s new home was. Ma Joad says, "It ain't so bad once we wash it out. Get her mopped (352).” It’s remarkable how Ma Joad is able to stay optimistic and inspire hope in a situation like this. The hope that she gives the family is that they can make a horrid place like that a home. It’s very important for a matriarchal hero like Ma Joad to be able to do that because living in a place like that requires a lot of strength. The family has to look at bright side of things despite how dark times may be. And without Ma Joad inspiring hope. The family wouldn’t have been able to make that boxcar their
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