Essay On Machismo In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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Machismo is defined as strong or aggressive masculine pride ("Machismo"). Chronicle of a Death Foretold takes place in Columbia, where machismo makes up a large part of their culture. Machismo is mostly portrayed through inappropriate or dangerous actions such as sexual pleasure and taking away the freedom of women through forced marriage. In Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel García Márquez, the author illustrates the inappropriate actions of men and how women are controlled by them in order to demonstrate the presence of machismo in society and how it lowers the social class of women. Machismo is demonstrated in multiple ways in the Columbian society. One way it is displayed is when men intentionally seduce women in order to take advantage of their life. Once a woman loses her virginity, she loses her…show more content…
Machismo is strong of masculine pride. Many male actions within the Columbian society revolve around machismo. Men seduce women in order to take away their purity, and their life. Once a woman's virginity is taken away, then marriage is highly unlikely. The man who seduces the woman will most likely take away her life by making her a house servant. Forced marriage can also lower the social class of women because they have to marry a man who they do not even love. When women get married, they will have to serve to her husband's needs. Men also sexually abuse women in order to display their dominance. Abuse like this can also symbolize property in the Columbian society. Men use machismo as an excuse to commit crimes against women such as sexual abuse and enslavement. Men also use machismo to gain a social advantage over women in order to give them lower class jobs which men are to lazy to do such as cooking, cleaning, and tending to their sexual
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