Essay On Machu Picchu

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“...The mixed World Heritage property covers 79 acres of mountain slopes, peaks and valleys surrounding its heart..” Such an implausible site Machu Picchu is too see with a human’s eye. This sacred place was built hundreds of years ago and is still one of the most wonderful places a tourist should visit. It incorporates beauty, spiritual feelings , and knowledge of an ancient civilization. Machu Picchu is a significant travel destination for tourists because it's scenically attractive, it is an archaeological wonder, and it represents old civilization life. The ancient wonder, Machu Picchu, should be a travel destination for tourists because of its attractive scenery. “Standing 2,340 m above sea level, in the midst of a tropical mountain…show more content…
Not only does Machu Picchu serve a purpose towards beauty and wonder, but it's also a symbol of historic value. Machu Picchu must have served many purposes in survival of the Incas. Machu Picchu gives an insight to how the Incas survived in Peru. “To this day many of Machu Picchu's mysteries remain unresolved, including the exact role it may have played in the Inca’s sophisticated understanding of astronomy and domestication of wild species” (UNESCO). Machu Picchu shows us humans that the Incas knew how to use agriculture to its advantage and how they used their intelligence towards hunting and even the creation of Machu Picchu. Tourists will enhance numerous quantities of knowledge if they visit Machu Picchu. Visiting Machu Picchu would feel the same as if standing in past day Inca civilization. That is the effect Machu Picchu will have. The setting Machu Picchu is in allowed for the Incas to have a wide variety of food selections and resources to use. The rainforest and mountainous regions allowed for animals to situate themselves there. “The surrounding valleys have been cultivated continuously well over 1,000 years, providing one of the world’s greatest examples of a productive man-land relationship…”
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