Essay About Wood Materials

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Part II. External Assessment
I. Macro Environment
Social Factor
Using wood materials in houses has many advantages such as resident’s health and their well-being like being comfortable, healthy, or happy. Studies revealed that wooden materials make pleasant living surroundings in terms of humidity and health benefits. It reduces stress levels. Wood absorbs humidity based on the conditions of the surrounding of the house and the temperature. It also improves the indoor condition of one’s house. In the article, it also says that it reduces stress. They conducted research and concluded that school children in timber buildings experience less stress, fewer problems, and can concentrate better. These findings are conducted by Human Research Institute study where they compared students in a
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The wood industry began to change a lot and it focuses in sustainability principle. With the regulations of banning log export, man-made forestation evolved. After several years, alternative products flourished in the market, hard plastics, aluminum, steel, plaster, and fiber are some products that become alternative to the wood products. Hard wood shortage is an issue that is the common outcome of the restriction on natural forests. Yet at the same time, there is an increase in the sales of wood furniture where the government gained around billions of dollars due to exporting of these products. With this, the Philippines was recognized internationally when it comes to the furniture and craftsmanship and making a niche market on the industry. Smuggling and illegal logging is the problem of the government and in the industry for already several decades even though there are a lot of strict laws and regulations. The corruption of the government body is still present where it gives chances to the illegal wood companies to enter in the industry. Smuggled wood products could also be threat to the safety of the consumer specifically those products that are used as furniture and
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