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The sun peeks shyly out from the clouds as the last of the rain drifts away. I step outside with my camera to find the world transformed with beads of sparkling water. I stoop down to capture a pale pink rose to find it bejeweled with droplets of water that like tiny lenses, mirror the roses behind. Sometimes our best photographs are the ones we least expect to find. Above is one story of macro photography and some of the wonders you can capture if you study the world more closely. Macro photography opens up a whole new world to the human eye. Photographing close up allows us to capture such tiny details in creation. Macro photography was first proposed in the early 1900s, but more officially in the middle of the 1940’s by a German scientist,…show more content…
The first element I want to start with is light. The word photography is derived from the Greek meaning: painting with light. Lighting is the key to photography, for it brings out texture, color, and shadows. It can cast a warm, dreamy feel or a hard, harsh light. Often photographers will simply photograph shadows such as a bug casting its shadow upon a leaf. Light can also illuminate a subject, giving the sense of a spotlight. Backlighting is a favorite as it illuminates the flower from behind, allowing the light to seep in through the petals. There are many beautiful kinds of light- the trick is determining how to find…show more content…
There are soft pastels or bright, bold colors that pop like red. Normally warm colors (reds and oranges) dominate cool colors (blues and greens). It would be somewhat confusing if you had a bright blue poppy with the background a vivid red. The opposite would be a very pleasing effect to the human eyes. If you study the color wheel, you will find harmonizing colors are beside each other while complementary colors are opposite each other. There is a wide range of colors out there, but the trick is to complement each to its best

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