Hamlet Really Crazy Analysis

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During this play of Hamlet by Shakespeare, Hamlet is approached with crazy situations that make him act out of the ordinary. Such as the vengeance he has for the killing of his father. He isn’t actually crazy but acts like it throughout the play because it is all part of his plan to kill Claudius. As the play continues his act of a maniac becomes better and better which then leads to the other characters actually believing him. But he is not really mad, he is just acting to fulfill the duty to his father. He goes above and beyond in this act of his to make people believe and even himself that in fact he is crazy. He claims he is crazy in order to portray his act, otherwise it is forbidden to act in such a way. His plan is to keep people from…show more content…
In other words he is not polite in the remarks that he makes. His acting backfires during his speech to Gertrude, Hamlet criticizes her for what she has done because he thinks he is insane. As the play goes on he makes sexual remarks to Ophelia such as “That’s a fair thought to lie between maids’ legs (3.2.125).” His insanity is so convincing it allows him to bring out his anger towards Ophelia. Just like in another seen he is able to tell polonius how he really feels. Hamlet uses his craziness as an excuse and part of an apology towards Laertes for killing Polonius. A madman would not be able to realize that he was actually mad and say his actions are uncontrollable. If it weren’t for him acting this way he would had been dismissed rather than people being ignored, pitied, or scared. Hamlet 's craziness shifts his attention from what he thinks about his father’s death and brings it on why he is acting this way. This does not require him to answer to anyone that may ask him why he is acting a different way. It keeps a distraction for his plan to kill

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