Essay On Maintenance In The Workplace

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The workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) 1992 regulation requires employers to undertake maintenance work in workplace. The 1992 regulation say employers must maintain their workplace and equipment in an efficient state, good working order and in good repair and the provision and use of work equipment regulation 1998, which state that employers must ensure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair. They must also keep an up to date maintenance log.
There are other regulations that cover some specific industries but these two regulations apply to most workplaces and maintenance work. The management of Health and Safety at work regulations 1999 which require an employer to do a suitable risk assessment also applies to any maintenance work. This state that any work activities carried out, including maintenance work, must be risk assessed before it is undertaken. This covers not only routine maintenance activities, but also one-off.
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The contractor as an employer must ensure that their staff are working safely, have the correct equipment and are properly trained.
1.6. Types of Maintenance systems
The types of maintenance are preventive, predictive, correctives, breakdown, monitoring, periodic, etc.
Reactive Maintenance (RM) or Breakdown Maintenance (BM) or Repair or Fix-When-Fail or Run-To-Failure (RTF)
Reactive maintenance this is basically to run the equipment or machine till it breakdown. No actions or efforts are taken to maintain the equipment as the designer originally intended to ensure design life is reached. Also, reactive maintenance is when equipment’s and machineries are maintenance till deterioration of the equipment’s condition causes a functional failure then the equipment receives maintenance (e.g. repair, or
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