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Make-a-Wish Foundation “I never thought I would have a perfect day, but now I have,” Robin, Make-a-Wish kid. Have you ever experienced a small child suffering and just waiting to pass on? Make-a-Wish Foundation grants a wish of any child with a life threatening disease. This charity helps all children that only have a few more months to live have a good time, so they don’t have to think about all the negatives in their life. You can help a child enjoy their last months of life and all you have to do is donate.

Make-A-Wish foundation started in 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona. A young kid named Chris Greicius had leukemia and was probably going to die. All Chris wanted to do was to be a police officer, so the DPS got a patrol car, motorcycle and even a helicopter for Chris to ride in. They also gave him his own uniform. Chris has the time of his life but soon passed away. One of the officers involved, Frank Shankwitz talked to the wife of another DPS officer, Kathy McMorris about starting a wish granting organization. They soon started getting donations and raised $2000 to grant the first official wish. Frank Salazar, who also had leukemia wanted to be a fireman, go to Disneyland and ride
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When a child is referred, Make-A-Wish works with the child’s doctor to see if the child is in good enough condition for their specific wish to be granted. A child is only eligible if they have a life threatening disease that is severe enough to possibly end their life. Make-A-Wish 's goal is to grant the one wish of any child eligible. Last year (2015) over 14,000 wishes were granted and that is only half of all children eligible across the entire United States. Make-A-Wish would like to grant every wish of every child with a life threatening disease across the country. They shouldn’t have to reject children. They want to let every child have the best experience of their
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