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Only English? English is the most common language in America. Some people believe that English should be the official language of America. So, they try to make English-only movement become official. Before people make their decisions, they need to know what the English-only movement is. The English-only movement is a movement for the use of only English language all around the country. Making English the only official language will not benefit people because it will create more problems. There are so many immigrants out there trying to learn English and uses their native language. Also, this is a free country so people should be able to speak the language they want. People need to consider the consequences of this action before they make up their minds. English should not be made the official language of this country because it violates the First Amendment, discriminates non-English speakers, and affects family relations. First of…show more content…
People face bigger problems all around the world. Everyone tries to make the best out of their lives and be happy. When the English language is the most common language all around the world, there is no point of making it official in the United States. Most immigrants know that they need to learn English to be able to communicate with others and have an easy life. However, stopping immigrants from speaking their native language is too harsh. People try to learn English but if they are not fluent they have right to speak any language they want so they choose to speak their own language. Speaking their own language makes them more comfortable because there is a low chance of saying something they do not mean to. There is diversity in this country. There are so many different religions, cultures, languages, etc. It is a free country because of the laws and how people are treated. If English-only movement becomes official then how do people call this country a free

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