Essay On Malnutrition In Children

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Malnutrition in children
Malnutrition is a wide terminology which means undernourishment or insufficient, excessive, unbalanced consumption of nutrition .So, if the diet (eating system) doesn’t provide enough calories or protein nor, if the feeding style consume too many calories. Thus this can lead to malnutrition form.
Malnutrition is considered a major public health problem in developing countries. Malnutrition in children is one of the most serious common health problems worldwide.
Child nutritional status is caused by multiple factors including illness, disease and biological causes, In addition to cultural, psychological, social and political factors present in the physical environment where the child lives.
This paper will discuss the problem of malnutrition in children and it will highlight its causes, its effects and it will show the limitation of some previous solutions. Finally, it will propose a solution.
Malnutrition is very dangerous at early stages of can haunt children for the rest of their lives. The rate of malnutrition shows that children under five were in a worst condition ever known.
According to the world health organization (WHO) malnutrition has three major types named stunting, wasting and underweight measures by
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It is highly recommended to increase the cash flow for people in a certain area and provide aid programs with careful selection of the beneficiates until the food security situation of the community is improved not only that, but the excessive, deep concern to improve the health and nutritional status of our lovely children to save them from mortality and immortality of the development of children’s health. Adequate nutrition is the key stone for survival, health and safe growth not only for the current generations but also for the future ones to

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