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1. Introduction________________________________________ Mammary gland is an exocrine and modified sebaceous gland, which is made up of branching network of ducts that end in alveoli. Each alveolus consists of epithelial cells surrounding a lumen. The alveoli function by removing nutrients from the blood and transforming them into the molecular components of milk followed by secretion into the lumen. Mammary gland is specialized in the synthesis and secretion of large quantities of milk. This gland represents a most suitable system for the study of organogenesis. Its development is gradual and occurs mainly after birth, i.e. during puberty, and pregnancy. It has the unique ability to involute and regenerate during successive cycles of pregnancy and lactation. Mammary gland undergoes extensive structural changes during different…show more content…
Proliferation and differentiation of the mammary gland is regulated by the interplay of cell-substratum and cell-cell interactions, growth factors, proteins and steroid hormones. The progressive development of mammary gland from prepubertal stage till lactation is governed by a complex cross talk among various proteins, which are expressed during different stages of functional development. Proteome analysis of bovine mammary gland in lactating cows has been reported during mid stage of lactation and functional role of 215 proteins have been described (Beddek et al., 2008). However, no systematic studies have been made in buffaloes and cows to understand the role of various proteins in different developmental stages of mammary gland such as pubertal, different stages of lactation, involution and dry period, which warrants attention

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