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Managerial competencies play an important role in different organizations. The aim of companies is to move performance of their employees further. Competencies are used to detect the differences between average and excellent managers. Managerial competencies are a set of skills that enable individuals to demonstrate the effective performance of tasks within an organization. According to CH Woodruff suggests that a competent manager must fulfill 3 basic conditions at the same time to fulfill their tasks;
Possess the knowledge, skills and abilities, which are needed to this behavior
Be motivated to this behavior and be willing to spend the necessary energy
Have the capability to use this behavior in business
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Similo Mpala’s managerial competencies prove that she is a great leader. At Mpala Boutique Hotel she strives for excellence in performance by surpassing the established standards. This means not allowing mistakes, failures and other personal crises to undermine the overall results in her organizational performance. Competencies are shown in how she manages change, solves problems and makes decisions, manages politics and influences others, takes risk in this competitive industry and striving towards innovation, setting a clear vision and strategy, managing work and navigation of her…show more content…
Planning and administration competency in running and managing her business. Global awareness competency in knowing what is expected in the industry, self-management competency in understanding that leadership is about setting an example and strategic action in tackling competition and always being prepared for the unexpected disruptions that may occur in the day to day running of her business. Her multi-cultural competency enables her to embrace, understand, appreciate and respond to diverse political, cultural and economic issues the business

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