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Effective managerial skills are essential in order to successfully run a business. It determines how well a manager can handle business matters and lead his employees. These skills can be developed through practice and social interactions. Some managerial skills include creativity, communication skills, as well as personal attributes such as self-confidence and persistence. It is essential that managers possess these skills as they are the entrepreneurs of the future.

Skills of effective managers vary from technical to conceptual skills. Managers with the same mindset as entrepreneurs are what businesses, no matter what size, are looking for as they are, as Timothy Butler said, “highly innovative, nimble and agile.” In a journal article
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al suggested that individuals who are emotionally intelligent are most likely to become leaders after a comprehensive review of the literature of Emotional Intelligences. Transformative leadership is often associated with emotional intelligence. Transformative leaders are often motivational, goal-driven and positive thinkers. They are able to influence the team to perform to the best of their abilities. Compared to transactional leaders, transformative leaders tend to achieve bigger and greater outcomes as aa result of their positive attitude and high-quality performances. This is because transformational leaders are considerate, charismatic and…show more content…
They are skills that can be enhanced through interaction with individuals such as their parents, friends and teachers throughout their lives, as well as being taught at university when studying any bachelor’s degree. For example, an individual can develop their critical thinking and communication skills by class participation and group work. An individual will learn to adapt the mindset of those that surrounds him which influences the type of manager he can be and how well he can perform the

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