Environmental Effects On Manatees

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Pollution and human impact has been wrongfully hurting West Indian Manatees The manatee is a big sea mammal that is also known as the sea cow. The manatees weigh about 650 lbs and are nearly 8.5 ft. long on average. The West Indian manatee lives in the warm waters off the coast of Florida. The West Indian manatee was placed on the endangered species list in 2016, the manatee has recently been moved to the threatened list due to the many people gathering together and to help and save the manatees. The reason the West Indian manatee was endangered in the first place was because of human impact and the pollution they have put into their environment. The humans have impacted the population of manatees in many ways. These ways include oil, chemical,…show more content…
Even though the manatee deaths were not determined many believe that itś the oil spill that killed them. In 2010 because there were so many oil spills happening and the manatees were so endangered rescue clinics were not allowed to release the manatees until the water was cleared up (Phillips). Chemical and nutrient pollution has also been very harming to the West Indian manatee. In 2013, 15% of the manatees died mostly due to the sewage and fertilizer runoff into streams and rivers that dump into the ocean (Guest). Agriculture immensely adds to the nutrient and chemical pollution due to the fertilizers used on crops. When rains or winds come through the fertilizer is carried from the fields into the rivers and streams that then lead into the ocean(Effect of Runoff). Red tide had been a huge issue that is unpreventable and caused by dinoflagellates (Red Tide). Red Tide is a type of algal bloom that takes up oxygen in the water. When the oxygen levels in the ocean are lowered it can kill many plants which is very unfortunate for the manatees considering they are herbivores and with their food supply being depleted they may suffer from starvation. The algal bloom also covers the surface of the water near shorelines and shallow water which is where the manatees are and so when the manatees come up for air they may not be able to or they will ingest the toxic…show more content…
(“Noise Pollution”). Noise pollution harms the manatees in numerous ways. The main way noise pollutions harm manatees is by damaging their hearing. Another way noise pollution can harm manatees is by using the sounds to change the behavior of manatees. (“Manatee vocalization usage in relation to environmental noise levels”). The noise can alter how a manatee tries to mate or where a manatee looks for food. One final major killer to the manatee is unsafe boating. When a manatee is struck by a boat or cut with a propeller the injuries could be lethal. Only 60 percent of boater follow posted slower speeds. ( “Boating with manatees”). That means 40 percent of boaters have a higher chance of hitting and injuring or killing manatees. To put in perspective how deadly unsafe boating is to manatees 25-30 percent of manatee deaths are caused by watercraft. And the faster the boat goes, the more damage the manatee has to endure. (“Information for boaters and PWC operators”). The boat propellers and hulls are responsible for causing wounds to the manatees Watercraft accidents are killing more and more manatees every

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