Essay On Mandatory Voting

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Why We Should Not Adopt Mandatory Voting in The United States

Some believe that we should make voting mandatory in America. They believe that low voter turnout is an issue that can be fixed by making voting mandatory, but I believe saying that you have to vote or face a fine or possibly imprisonment would have other negative effects. The idea of mandatory voting comes from a fundamental misunderstanding about why people choose not to vote. Mandatory voting would be an undemocratic violation of rights, and, frankly, would be a logistical mess.

The idea behind mandatory voting comes down to the belief that more voters means better representation, thus a more democratic America. Essentially, they think that people don't vote because it's a minor inconvenience, and that forcing them to vote or face punishment will make voters
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While voting is arguably the basis of any democratic system, it is just as important to give citizens the freedom to not make a choice. Voting is a basic right within a democracy, but it's a right, not a duty. Saying you must exercise this right is like saying that because you bought a phone you must use it. That is ridiculous. Everybody should have the option and ability to vote, but also to abstain from…show more content…
You would have to have a system that records every single voter casting a ballot. This system would also have to know every single American eligible for voting, over 200,000,000 people. Like with anything, there would be valid excuses for missing election days – such as serious injury or travel. It would be nearly impossible to keep track of and pursue all of these cases, and would likely wind up with people who travel for work and injured people being harassed over unavoidable
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