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In my opinion, I believe that marine mammals should not be held in captivity for many reasons. To start, they are taking away the animals from their natural habitat. Secondly, captivity causes both major and minor health problems. Another significant reason is that the poor marine creatures do not have enough space to swim resulting in severe boredom and causing them to do harm to themselves

Captivity causes many health problems for the innocent marine mammals. There was an incident when Six of Marineland 's seals were blinded, or got serious eye problems because of the unclean water. Or when Five dolphins had their skin fall off in chunks after they spent months swimming in water so green, that they could barely be seen in it. Consequently, many of the animals keep their red, itchy eyes shut against the damaging
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They usually swim in large spaces but because there is not lots of space in their new homes they swim around in circles and circles being cheerless! Occasionally, they start banging their heads on the tanks and abuse themselves, because they have nothing to do. Put yourself in their shoes, visualize you being stuck in a room that has nothing in it, except you. I would start banging my head on the walls after a while! As a matter of fact, whales are trapped in cramped enclosures, unable to dive deeply compared to the wild where they can. Imagine the change they have to go through! That is heart breaking!

In conclusion, those are multiple reasons why I believe that Marine Animals should not be held captive! First, captivity causes many health problems for the innocent marine mammals. Second, changing the underwater creature’s natural habitat is very unhealthy for them. And last but not least, the mammals should not be kept captive because they suffer from boredom. The next time you go to a marine park think about how the animals are

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