Essay On Marine Corps Experience

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What I have learned from experience and how it impacted me First and foremost, being in the United States Marine Corps for over 22 years I have learned a lot from experience. I learned just like in the military, in my civilian job now I am always on duty. Importantly there are set hours of work, the work can still venture into your personal life. My time in the Marine Corps I made sure my uniform was squared away at all times, now in the civilian profession I got to work in business casual. I make sure that my shirt and trouser are creased in a military manner along with my tie. I am in the understanding that in order to be very effective, civilians and Marine know one thing “they are always on the job”. During my tenure in the Marine Corps, the motto was always mission accomplishment. Now, hearing suggestions such as “Not my task” or “I did not…show more content…
Seasoned employees and managers bring a lot to table such as guidance and wisdom. Just like in the Marine Corps, the senior Marines and Officers brought a lot to the table such as leadership, guidance and wisdom. This is something that will be instilled in me for a long time. With that said, having a productive crew will assist and achieving positive objectives. Another thing that I learned from experience in the military and my civilian job is always hold people to increased standards. High standards I learned in both profession is important because you are a role model to someone at all times. Just like in the Marine Corps, I act as a professional in my profession at all times from the time I come in until I leave each day. According to Pelled (2007), “The thought of a missing goodness is a relatively comforting one that can give rise to mental development by learning from experience” (p. 1510). To be honest, I would not have made any different decisions with the knowledge I now
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