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A pressing social problem prevalent in the world today is the destruction of marine habitats which leads to the loss of food for humans. I am going to discuss the many causes of the deterioration of the marine habitats such as development, chemical run off into water supplies, bottom trawling and dams. “Habitat loss in these areas have far-reaching impacts on the entire ocean 's biodiversity” says National Geographic (2014). Our population is growing at an exponential rate; according to National Geographic (2018) they predicted that by 2050 (which is only 32 years away) that the population will grow by 2 billion more people. This means our planet will need to sustain 9 billion people. In order to support this many people we need more resources such as land, food, and other materials we use on a daily basis. The things we need to do in order to support such a large population does affect our world very negatively in other ways, such as marine habitat destruction. If we continue development, chemical run off into water supplies, bottom trawling and building dams we will destroy our marine habitats which will significantly deplete our food supply as well as income for many.…show more content…
Moyle (2014). The loss of these habitats also means the loss of important species to the food chain. The extinction of a species will disrupt an entire food chain, which then leads to extinctions of other species. With that chain of events it will ripple out to humans by eliminating species that are consumed daily. For many countries and communities of people fish is a main food source, without it they would starve. For other countries and communities fish prices will be driven up, making it less accessible to the masses cutting off a huge source of healthy

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