Essay On Marine Pollution In Japan

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Japan is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean near the East Coast of China, Korea and Russia. Japan like many other countries face numerous problems, one of them being the contamination of their sea with wastes of all kinds. The contamination of their sea was the result of neighboring countries discarding waste which eventually reached the shores of japan affecting japan in many ways from the creatures living the in their shores to the health of their people and seeing as a lot of their food come from the sea including one-fifth of the global tuna catch thus this posed a great problem to japan.
First of all, marine pollution is the contamination of water and is commonly caused by human activity such as oil spills or the disposal of plastic, which is often mistaken as food for marine animals, this effects the creatures living in the sea as well as the creatures dependent on the sea as a source of food or as a source of drinking water. Air pollution can also play as a factor such as to carry off dirt and harmful toxic pesticides. In Japan’s case however, 15,000 plastic containers where found washed up in the
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We don’t live in the sea yet we are still affected by marine pollution, why? Because 70% of oxygen we breath is produced by marine plants thus if marine plant are affected by the pollution and there is shortage in oxygen or animals eat those affected plants in the end we will be affected. Japan being one of the biggest consumer of seafood can be affected, their people can be affected as humans seeing as we are on the far end of the food chain thus if a fish living in the contaminated waters of Japan falls ill, is then caught and served as food to the people ultimately they will fall sick too. When this takes places the consumer can face a great deal of problems from hormonal problem, kidney damage, reproductive problems and nervous system

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