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Maritime laws are an area of private international law and is used generally to refer to laws relating to ships, shipping and maritime commerce. It is sometimes used interchangeably with Admiralty law, although admiralty law strictly refers to matters relating to jurisdiction and the arrest of ships. There are 21 maritime laws and regulations applicable in Malaysia.
We know that almost 90% to the world trade is transported by sea. Shipping is a global business which involves many parties in daily to running to business. Parties that directly or indirectly involves are ship owners, ship management companies, agents and crew. Every ship that sails around the world has an Owner and in most cases ship management is entrusted to another company. There are many laws and regulations has been created and implemented to control and support by particular parties and obey by who are involves in the maritime industry.

3.4.1 Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952 (MSO)
The Merchant Shipping Ordinance (MSO) 1952 is the bible of the Malaysian Shipping law that has 531 sections to be exact, dealing with Malaysia international ship registry, domestic shipping licencing board, Masters &
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Boat rules, 1953 (No. 70/1952). Under this law every boat that plies at any port, river or place in Malaysia for any of the activities such as trade or business, transportation of any person other than for trade or business, and sports, leisure or recreational activities must be licensed. In term of the license exemption, boats that can exempt from this provision are any ship that registered under Part IIA of MSO 1952, boats that in relation to the state of Sabah, any vessel licensed under the MSO 1960 of Sabah, and the boats that are in relation to the State of Sarawak, any vessel licensed under the MSO 1960 of

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