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CHAPTER IV: - DATA ANALYSIS 4.1 Threats and Challenges to Coastal Security India faces a number of threats and challenges that originate from the sea and which are mainly non-conventional in nature. These non-conventional threats and challenges can be categorised undermentioned five broad categories which are as follows:- i. Maritime terrorism ii. Piracy and armed robbery iii. Smuggling and trafficking iv. Infiltration, illegal migration and refugee influx v. Straying of fishermen beyond the maritime boundary. 4.2 Maritime Terrorism. The most important threat the maritime terrorism features as the most important one. Maritime terrorism can be defined as “the undertaking of terrorist acts and activities within the maritime environment, using or against vessels or fixed platforms at sea or in port, or against any one of their passengers or personnel, against coastal facilities or settlements, including tourist resorts, port areas and port towns or cities’ . Therefore the major population centres, onshore and offshore strategic installations, commercial facilities, industrial complexes located along the coast can be identified as the most value targets for terrorist attacks. Various rebel and terrorist groups s have perpetrated acts of terrorism which include hijacking the ship, sabotage attack and sinking ships, taking hostages, sabotaging oil pipelines, port facilities…show more content…
Coastal assaults on hotels, shoreline resorts, shopping centres in major beach front urban communities is a 'settled maritime strategy', which the terrorists have did effectively albeit occasionally. Commonly, in such a strike, terrorists come shoreward utilizing small fishing boats or dinghies, taking hostage a business complex, for example, a hotel/resort, and taking prisoners/hostage situation. They additionally turn to aimless firing and bombings with the target of executing the most extreme number of hostage to have a greater and threatening

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