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Marlos Nobre‘s musical style could be described as unique because of the variety and complexity of compositional techniques, that he uses in his compositions. The Piano Toccata No.1 Op.45a is one of the most played piano pieces currently and the performance of the piece is three minutes and thirty-five seconds long. The Brazilian music history reveals a significant influence of the popular music on the way Brazilian composers develop their compositional style. According to musicologists, nationalism and religious beliefs had a huge impact on how Brazilian composers developed their musical ideas. Several other composers influenced the development of Nobre’s musical style, such as Villa-Lobos, Ginastera, and Bela Bartók. One of the characteristics of the Piano Toccata No.1 Op.45a is the percussive elements that are richly found in the piano music of Villa-Lobos, Ginastera, and Bela Bartok. Furthermore, similar to Villa-Lobos and Bartók, Nobre’s contribution to piano pedagogy is also substantial .The objective of this essay is to elucidate how those composers influenced and shaped the development of Nobre’s musical style. Also, a brief analysis of the Piano Toccata No.1 Op.45a will show its significance as a piece that reveals Nobre’s musical…show more content…
They were two extremes, because Guarnieri detested twelve-tone music. So what happened? Koellreutter thought that I should write only twelve-tone music, and Guarnieri thought that I had to be nationalistic. I didn’t want to do either one. I was never nationalistic, I detest nationalism, I abominate nationalism. If you want to offend me, just say that my music is nationalistic. I will take it as a personal offense. My music is the result of my personal experiences. It happens that I was born in Brazil, I was born in Recife – if I had been born in the Congo, and things would have been different. My experience of sound is this. It incorporates all
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