Essay On Martha Nochimson

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Narrative structure and character development are the two biggest influences on an understanding of the female detective, which is supported by the above case study. Martha Nochimson sums up the character development as a “multitude of prisms constructed by a televisual use of narrative” (2003), which underlines how narrative and character ultimately goes hand in hand. This notion is further supported by Jason Mittell who writes: “audiences take pleasure not only in the diegetic twists but also in the exceptional storytelling techniques needed to pull off such machinations” (2006:36). Here he highlights the narrative’s presentation as a major aspect of a show’s success. Nochimson points to the television format’s ability to appeal to a larger…show more content…
Jason Mittell arrives at a conclusion about Veronica Mars’s appeal to an audience and how this appeal affects a television drama’s production. He writes: “youthful demographics and cultlike dedication drawn by such programming encourage networks to allow such experimentations to grow an audience. Many complex programs expressly appeal to a boutique audience of more upscale educated viewers who typically avoid television” (2006:31). Cynthia Hoffner and Martha Buchanan research identification with television characters, and argue that television viewers lose their own identity while watching a show, so as to engage in the characters’ experiences and thus assuming the identity of the characters (2009:326-7). Furthermore, Hoffner and Buchanan underline the fact that identification is an overly temporary term, which change throughout a show and even transfers outside the shows diegesis (2009:327). Additionally, Hoffner and Buchanan argue that genre influences audiences’ response and interaction with television characters (2009:334), which becomes a crucial, yet problematic aspect in understanding the female
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