Essay On Martin Luther King Myths

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The Myths Myth has been told for centuries now. However myths are just a traditional story that will most likely be untrue. America has been written down in myths about our ancestry, we believe they had supernatural abilities, that today we lack on and wish to obtain from them. We believe that a small part of us still have that same blood our ancestors did. We can conquer over everything if we have to use that godlike ability our ancestors had or at least that myth we believe in gives us the extra courage to accomplish what we believe in. Myths help us reach to unthinkable; provide an answer in the absurd, place a mark in what might have been the uncharted. Myths have been part of us for ages now, you might have never expected…show more content…
became a civil right activist his goal was to stop the discrimination against blacks. All Martin wanted was to experience the freedom and liberty the fellow white men would get from the country that claim everyone was made equal. Martin was criticized by almost the whole country. Martin was chasing a myth that back in his time seem almost impossible to reach. However Martin decided that was his dream, his mission, his myth he was determine to get all blacks treated the same as their fellow whites. Despite years of treats to him and his family, many sleepless nights and constantly be belittled by the whole country his perseverance for the myth he set out to reach. Sadly Martin was assassinated in 1968 on April the 4th in Memphis, TN. Today King myths are said all around America. His myths shaped America to be to be what it is known for today. In conclusion myths have helped shaped America throughout its existence. Since our fellow founding fathers to our most reason idols like Martin Luther King Jr. Myths is what helps the American country perceive the goals we set out to reach. Myths will never die out it is a traditional and we must make our own to soon see if we lug the veins our founding founders
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