Essay On Martin Luther King's Mountaintop Speech

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Even in the early twenty first century Martin Luther King Jr’s “Mountaintop” speech was never forgotten. In appreciation of his inspiring and motivational words there have been several monuments built as well as plays been written based on the day and speech before King’s assassination.
In recognition and respect of Martin Luther King Jr., his “I have a dream” and his “I have been to the Mountaintop” speech a memorial is planned for the top of Stone Mountain Park, which is suburban to Atlanta Country, DeKalb. Around the establishment of such a building lies a lot of controversy and complication, starting with, that the top of Stone Mountain in the 1940s used to be a meeting point of the feared Ku Klux Klan. The planned object of recognition
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Sadly, only few people know how to acknowledge the solutions and important information given. The breaking point for the popularity of King’s last speech was that he mentioned the keys of a well functioning society in the world back then as well as today; which are unity, nonviolence, achievements in a society and the importance of respect for human rights. For one to consider this truly in the present year, it is more than important to consider all the effects on other people and movement that the speech held. Apart from Edward Said, the “Mountaintop” play and the Stone Mountain Park Memorial there are countless other organisations and people plainly inspired by the inspirational and truthful words of Martin Luther King Jr. In the daily life and routines of an individual it is very important to consider these ideas and concepts as motivations for changing society and making earth a safer and more unified place. And hopefully one day “we as people will all eventually get to the promised land” and our desires will one day be fulfilled, because when staying together you can achieve
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