Essay On Mary Casher's Big Red: A Day At The Asylum Hospital

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The asylum hospital was no place for a woman like her. She could not be contained in any cell they had to offer. Many, many times she did think about just giving up, but a pure hatred for that red headed girl burned deep within her soul. Mary Casher, known as Big Red, was the top dog around the asylum, making even most officers fear her. One day, though, all that changed. That one day in particular, Mary Casher escaped the asylum. Mary Casher cleared the eighteen foot fence that surrounded the outside yard, narrowly getting through the eletric bob wire fencing at the top before she took off back to her home town, to gain a new identity as Olivia Bishop. Olivia Bishop had shork cut hair with very pale skin, to the point one would not recognize the mother unless looked to closely. Olivia lived in a small cottage, alone, at the edge of town on a small hill, where she could watch all that happened and keep a close eye on her son, Jackson Smith, who still…show more content…
After a few weeks of searching, Jackson decided that his mother was dead, that she was never going to come back. Eliza helped create a funeral for Jackson, but a heavy storm interupted the production and they never got back to it. “I am truly sorry Jackson.” Eliza cooed from where she stood at the window to look out at the raging storm. Looking down at the newspaper article, Eliza stepped back from the window to look to Jackson. “You know, a few men in town have created an airship.. And I may have gotten you a ticket on the first ride of it..” Jackson, who always had had a dream of aircraft, jumped from his seat with sudden excitement. “You did? How did you mangae that? That is amazing!” Jackson clasped his hands over Eliza’s shoulders as he locked his gaze with her own. “Please tell me you are not fibing.” Eliza grinned a devilish grin before she shook her head with a
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