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Wife Missing After Murdering Husband

On Tuesday evening, August 12th, 1954 Mary Maloney, wife of officer Patrick Maloney, had murdered her husband after verbalized he would divorce her. Out of aggravation, Mary Maloney had hit him on the back of his head, utilizing a leg of lamb. This event happened in the Maloney’s house.

On April 19th, Mary Maloney had asked her neighbor, Miss Anne Smith, to watch her 2-year-old son due to personal issues. Miss Anne Smith agreed, but did not know what Mary Maloney’s intentions really were. Mary Maloney had run away.

“She said she would come back by
10 p.m.” said Smith, “but by midnight she wasn’t here and I got worried so I called the police.”

Police were sent out to circulate the town and look
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Police withal interviewing people who have an idea about where Mary Maloney might have gone.

Anne Smith, Mary Maloney’s neighbour had said she had no idea what Mary Maloney’s plans were, and had nothing to do with the situation. “I was only responsible for taking care of her child”, says Anne Smith, “I never knew she was a murderer and would run away without her child.”

Police had also interviewed the grocer, Sam Stone. Stone had said Maloney has been visiting the grocers a lot, and she was most likely preparing aliments for when she would run away.

Relatives of Mary Maloney will be contacted for interviewing. They will also be asked to take care of Mary Maloney’s child, Oliver Maloney, until Mary Maloney is found.

When and if Mary Maloney is found, the trial will transpire, and she will be charged for second- degree murder. She could spend up to 14 years in confinement.

If anyone has any more information about Mary Maloney, or may have spotted her somewhere, they are to call 1800-hotlinebling as soon as possible.

People are also to be cautious when going outside, as a murderer is on the loose. Please also apprise family and friends about this
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