Essay On Mary Warren In The Crucible

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In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, The character, Mary Warren, plays an important role in The Crucible. She was one of the girls that were in the woods when all the dancing was going on. She is portrayed as a innocent girl that slowly allows Abigail another character of The Crucible to negatively influence her. She also want to do the right thing all the time that why she is afraid of what happened the woods. In Act One Mary Warren is a very innocent and quiet girl, but in Act Two she becomes a girl that will speak up and feel important. At the beginning of the play, Mary Warren is a innocent girl that will allows Abigail to negatively influence her. She will just allow Abigail to tell her what to do because she thinks and feels like nobody listens to her. She is just scare of what Abigail and things she could said about her “I never done none of it, Abby. I only looked!”(Miller 19).She will do what Abigail will tell her to do because she is afraid of her and what she could do to her. In the other side during Act Two she definitely does not want to be manage by Abigail so she decide to speak up and do not be the quiet girl anymore like is being represented in this quotes “I will not stand whipping any more!”(Miller 78).She does not want to be the quiet girl that allowed Abigail to negatively influence her to do wrong things. She also feels like people now listen to her and she feels like an important person because she…show more content…
She just change the way she was in act I and then she become a very different girl in act II. Mary Warren had many changes during this time of the play and she may change later on too. The change that had Mary warren was radical since at first she was very shy and then she just started to speak up and feel an important person. Sometimes people can change drastically the way they are such as Mary Warren
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