Essay On Masculinity In American Culture

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The article explores public masculinization of sexuality causing discomfort in women talking openly about sex. Shameful or improper feelings prevent open dialogue with regard to sex creating a social climate that does not support autonomy of gender order regarding sexuality.

Culture factors greatly into how adolescents are taught and view sexuality. For example American teenagers are prone to be less open with their parents and more likely to hide their sexual identities more so than Dutch teenagers who are raised with their parents normalizing sexuality to them. It is uncommon in the United States that sex education accentuates learning about sexual desire or pleasure, especially for girls. American culture harbors apprehension and discord about sex, complicating how girls communicate and view their sexuality, relinquishing any sexual confidence they should possess. American teenagers, commonly grow up hearing jokes about women’s bodies and sexuality lending to masculinizing sex and exerting power over women. In cultures where this is prominent behavior, such as America, males talk in a much more crude manner about sex and women, reinforcing a warped sense
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The article showed that many women in the study were comfortable if sex was discussed around them, but they were very uncomfortable due to their upbringing that talking about their own sexual experiences because they view them as private matters. Furthermore, they found it difficult discussing sexual pleasure or desires because it isn’t seen as appropriate or feminine. This mind-set encourages a social view of masculine dominance over sexuality and women. Any openness about sexual desires and pleasure made women feel like they would be seen as a slut, causing them to not even feel comfortable communicating about sex with other females or with their sexual
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