Essay On Masculinity In Fargo

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By examining the characters and their varying degrees of masculinity in the movie Fargo, we are able to see the role in which the Coen brothers stereotypically categorized the differing levels of machismo. Through the characters actions and personalities portrayed in the movie it becomes clear he exposes the differing testosterone regardless of gender.
We are first introduced to Jerry - the incompetent man. He is a pathetic guy, who is bad at his job, a poor husband, lousy father and is characterized as cowardly and defenseless. Jerry is an example of an egocentric man; a man that cares only for himself and his well-being. Nothing Jerry does ever works out in his favor; none of his plans ever come to fruition. Jerry gets caught up in his
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They both demonstrate different forms of masculinity that complement each other’s personalities.
Marge and Norm Gunderson did not have stereotypical roles within in their marriage; they each played the part traditionally reserved for the other gender. Norm is the one male in the film that differs the most from the rest of the men. Norm is the stay at home husband while Marge is the police chief. Norm holds the least ‘manly’ role in the film while his wife plays one of the most respected and powerful positions generally reserved for men. Norm shows his masculinity by supporting his wife and making sure she can get a good start to the day by cooking for her.
Marge is a great detective, who catches and solves the case of the murders. Both Marge and Norm are very good at what they do and this role reversal in no way takes away either one of their identities as either male or female. Marge is great at all the ‘manly’ things without giving up her female qualities which is clearly portrayed in her pregnancy. Like Marge, Norm does not have to give up his manly qualities to be domesticated and support his wife at home. It is this pairing and role reversal that brings them the most joy and
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