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Masjid-I-Shah Mosque Iran
First, most cities with sizable Muslim population has a primary congregational mosque. The mosques are built with diverse designs and dimension which illustrate the style and geographical region. The unique designs demonstrate the architect’s expertise. The congregational mosques are expanded based on growth and the needs of the umma. Masjid-i-Shah mosque is an example of stunning buildings in the world. The mosque is built on the southern side of Isfahan.
General description The mosque was built from 1612 during the reign of Abbas I. researchers suggests that the mosque is a culmination of a thousand years of mosque building
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Both the Chartres and Shah Mosque invite the visitor to contemplate infinity as well as metaphor. The two pieces of architecture are two of the most beautiful and mystical ones of the medieval architecture. The two buildings have interesting similarities. They serve political and religious purposes. The roman art influenced both buildings (Rizvi, 2012). The two premises portrays man’s attempts to represent divinity in matter’s architecture. The ideas were taken from the contemporaneous philosophy of Neo-Platonism. Altogether, the two buildings are not built using the same design. Shah mosque is build using domes whereas the Chartres cathedral is constructed horizontally.
Masjid-i-Shah use by worshipers In conclusion, the mosque is currently used by worshipers to worship Allah. Like the synagogue for Jews, Church for Christians, Muslims gathers at the mosque to pray in unions. The essential gathering takes place every Friday. The day is known as the Muslim Sabbath; it is where an Imam delivers the sermon. Finally, the Shah Mosque is a place where Muslims seeks to strengthen their faith and explore divine intervention from their

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