Cause Of Extinction

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The research task topic I have chosen is Topic 1(How is man contributing to the sixth mass extinction of the animals on this planet?) because the topic has more meaning to me and I have pity towards other species which are becoming extinct due to human activity. It is a topic that affects everyone, mainly because we all contribute to this problem, in big ways or small ways.
The hypothesis is: if the human population balloons more, then more resources and animals are consumed by humans.
To determine how “Man” is the cause of the mass extinction, I first have to understand what the meaning of extinction is, then give practical examples. Extinction is defined as the state or process of being or becoming extinct. The adjective version of extinction
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Many different types of chemicals or substances can become very toxic if larger amounts of it spills or leaks into the water system, can damage soil fertility and air cleanliness. An example of a substance being harmful is in the year 1984 in Bhopal (India) when large amounts of methyl-isocyanate gas leaked out of a pesticide plant and killed more than 4000 people in the town near. Some chemicals have a long term effect like cancer or other harmful illnesses. Metals like mercury in water is absorbed by fish and can be transferred to humans by eating the fish, which cause humans to have mercury poisoning. The mercury can lead to health problems and genetic damage if the levels of mercury is high and…show more content…
Human have recklessly caused the extinction of many animals and are currently causing endangered animals to become extinct. I believe there is no way of helping endangered species now because due to the constant birth of human life, there is a problem in the balance. The only way we can prevent them from becoming extinct is keeping them in captivity. The problem with that is taking out species from their habitat will cause another species to over grow in numbers or die out due to a change in the food chain. So there will always be a problem. The government can try to slow down the rates of deforestation and have more security on endangered animals. But as the human population increases there is a loss of habitat and
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