African American Incarceration

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At the start of the 1970s, incarceration appeared to be “a practice in decline.” One of the largest problems facing the world today is the mass incarceration of African Americans, where many arrest African Americans as they claim they appear more threatening. The government has done us wrong; it can avoid these consequences without the imprisonment of these innocent people for such diminutive crimes. These harsh conditions affect many more than just the families, communities, and individuals, but also the economy as confinement has tremendous costs on society. The sad but true reality proves that any White person can do things far more extreme than a “black person.” A person’s skin color should not affect what society thinks of someone; this…show more content…
In his article, “The Mass Incarceration of African-American Males: A Return to Institutionalized Slavery, Oppression, and Disenfranchisement of Constitutional Rights,” Floyd D. Weatherspoon uses a different intake to express the discrimination occurring in the world. He explains, “African-American men in America continue to seek freedom and justice through an American justice system unsympathetic to the plight of African-American males. Similar to James Somerset, African-American males in the United States have faced a long and treacherous journey for justice and equality,” which proves the realization is present, but no individual on this world has stepped far enough to defend these blameless people. The journey is strenuous, African-Americans are executed for an act that had no effect on any individual around them. It’s know that in the English colonies, discrimination occurs most. Once again, the authors state, “Interestingly, black males in England face similar racial disparity in a common law justice system that also results in mass incarceration of black males. Indeed, the United States and England/Wales are among the industrial nations with the highest rate of individuals incarcerated in the world.” This comparison supports the point that the English people are the enemies. Although many notice the merciless acts, they still seem to be the largest threat. African-Americans who can't afford the burden of the treacherous journey to freedom are stuck with their enemies who hurt them only because of their skin
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