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Mass Media
Mass media are diverse media technologies and public communication which reaching to a large number of audiences. They are a subset of mass communication, while we might tease the mass media elements from our definition of mass communication and discuss those elements, this job has essentially been done by McQuail (1983).(Rowland Lorimer, 1994)
There are some examples of his definition and explanation of mass media. The first being that the mass media is a distinct set of activities that creates media content.(Rowland Lorimer, 1994) Judging from the statement above, I personally discover that it is a compilation of many sources. Those media content so called news are the human interest or the essential
The mass media is associated
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Having brought into Malaysia as an additional sensation after Japan Pop (J-Pop), K-Pop grooves in to create a brand new culture to the society. People are enlightened with new ways of dressing, new ways to rejuvenate themselves to have younger and fair complexion.
Imitating the Koreans from their physical outlook, youth in Malaysia More health conscious – Korean men need to go through the compulsory national service. Through the training they received from the military training allow them to look fitter and healthier. Youth in Malaysia are following the trend as well to build their bodies and exercises for healthier lifestyle.
The youth are more aware of what they wear these days. Their fashion senses moved from conservative to be more trendy and open. We can see that the youth nowadays are wearing lesser and lesser. The influencer on their changes is mass media.
As, we can see in music video, K-pop singers always wear stylish. That is why Malaysians can be seen imitating and dress up themselves with the fashion styles of their favorite K-pop singers. In their opinion, dressing like a K-pop artiste is a fashionable and cool thing to do, it also make them feel closer towards their favorite K-pop singers or bands. Younger listeners tend to do this a lot as we can see there are a lot of shops selling K-pop style

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