Essay On Mass Migration

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Language The U.S. is a country with no official language. English has become the primary language that is spoken in schools, jobs, government and in most of homes in the U.S. (Feagin & Feagin, 2012). However, there are many households today, as in the past, that more than one language is used to communicate. Immigrants past and present came to the U.S. with very little to no understanding of the English language. In the past, there was little to no programs set-up to teach immigrants the English language. Meniscal tasks, such as grocery shopping and signing forms were very difficult activities for immigrants to accomplish. The lack of speaking and understanding of English became a barrier when immigrants sought out employment, health care…show more content…
Millions of immigrants arrived in the United States during this time. (History, 2018). During this mass migration it is easier if you can get a good job, with a good salary if you have the skills; whereas today, if you are illegal, you will have to be content with whatever job you can find, and the chances of improving your status are very limited; something that unfortunately could be passed on to children. Immigrants’ that migrated of the U.S. during the mass migration have social media to whine on or the ACLU to defend them. The migrants that could get jobs, made pennies a day and had to give the money they earned back to the company owners to pay their rent and rent their tools for work. (History, 2018). Very few ever made enough money to go back home across the Atlantic. Today, immigrants who come to the U.S. and get jobs, tend to send their money back to the country where they came from because the American dollar is worth more in those countries. For example, here in El Paso, Texas there are many immigrants who come across the border to work and then return to Mexico with their wages to live a better and more comfortable
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