Essay On Mass Society

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Mass society
Mass is the group of people who do not know each. According to Le Bon, regardless of differences among individuals in terms of education, character, interests or social status, the fact that they are transformed into a mass, given them a kind of collective soul in accordance with which they feel, think and act. Le Bon indicates an important feature of the masses that within the framework of a social group can easily affect the individual, invoking the authority, prestige or charisma of leaders (Le Bon, 2005).
Modern life, facing global values and the information society, drastically disorganize traditional human mind, does not leave us time for direct contacts so media audience getting more and more features nameless mass audience or information’s “eaters”.
Mass means many people who showed relatively simple behavior. This behavior is often manifested as a moldable belief and evaluation on the basis of the value of
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Why one accepts to be drowned in mass?
Small groups belonging to some form of elite always lived in fear of the “mob”, “crowd”; “scum” ... Awareness of mass is a catastrophe of biblical proportions for members of the elite. Paranoid fear of the masses has survived until today. In contemporary sociology, the concept of mass is usually opposes the notion of elite, those who are selected, the best and fanciest, most often by their own opinion.
Modern man is accustomed to the media as a part of his everyday life. Mass media have ensured that information becomes a global phenomenon and that its distribution is not subject to local geographical area which is origin of information. The area has become “negligible category”. Thanks to the Internet event and news about it almost immediately are distributed globally. It is undoubtedly important quality of modern mass media, provided that it is focused on the well-being of humanity, but also a potential concern that this kind of media communication can be used for various forms of
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