Essay On Mass Tourism

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Executive summary Aditi Chanchani’s case study of India illustrates the tensions that could exist among tourism and peace. India has a wide size and wealth of cultural and natural attractions. Tourism has developed parts of India. India suffers some of the obstacles like much of the population is poor and the national government has struggled to provide a strategic vision for the tourist sector. For chanchanai tourist has failed to pass on economic and social benefit to host communities because national strategy has been fixated on numbers. Many tourist developments are owned by outside Investors looking to make quickly profits rather than provide sustainable growth over the long term. In mass tourism negatively social problem is affected…show more content…
Mass tourism is a form of tourism that involves visiting with large amount of tourists to the same destination at the same time of the year. It is one of the cheapest way to holiday and it is often sold as a package deal. A package deal is one in which all tourists needs are catered by one company. This include travelling activities, accommodation, foods etc. These tourists also help our business such as telecommunication service. There are many types of mass tourism including skiing in the mountain, sunbathing on the beach, visiting theme park and taking a cruise. Government and local people often support mass tourism because it generates a lot of income for the country and local areas. When there is mass tourism in India, tourist visit to India prefer well known destinations in India such as India, Gova, Delhi and other central areas. They make reservation in advance and they appoint tour guides to get assistances from them. The reasons behind the development of mass tourism in India could be development of technologies in transportation system, increase of different types of airplanes and increases of vacation and leisure time send by European and other areas of the
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