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Mastery learning is an educational training that each child shows mastery of one assignment before moving on to the next assignment such as, reading, mathematics, and service learning, as well as a nonacademic subjects such as cultural awareness and career development. These programs are typically concerned on a person if he/she is given the right tools, he/she going to learn and mastery that subject. This type of learning can be used in a large organization such as the whole school or in a small organization like a classroom. But, even if it is used through the school or in a classroom, mastery learning requires a specific and carefully sequence objectives to make it effective. The first step is to recognize a behavioral objective which is a specific skill task to be mastered by the students. The students are taught the skill in the objective; then they are tested to know if the objective has been reached, while the students who fail to demonstrate the mastery of the objective gets corrective instruction and are retested. Therefore, the success of mastery learning rests on instructional alignment, which is a match among what is being learned and what is assessed.
Overall mastery learning rely on the student and
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This type of learning does not concentrate on one skill at one time, but instead, it’s on achieving and learning many skills at one time. Problem-based learning allows students to discover answers to the real life problems. Is it also a learning setting in which the problem that is asked will determine the learning. Which means, to answer the problem that is been given to you, you will need to look things to learn new material before answering the question properly. The problem is given because the students have to determine that they need to learn new knowledge before they can answer or resolve any problem. However, this method helps the student to learn critical thinking
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