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Mastitis (infectious)


Mastitis is a very common disease among women who have just given birth (that is called puerperal mastitis) and is quite annoying and painful as it is a real infection that affects the breast tissue that is very swollen, hot and flushed.


When mastitis makes its debut one feels a strong burning during lactation and in general it feels very exhausted and tired. Puerperal mastitis is caused by a blockage of breast milk (which is formed when a breast is not emptied completely while nursing), but also hygiene little noticed especially in the nipple area which, as we know, can have fissures and injuries that are regularly disinfected and treated to avoid complications.

Mastitis usually occurs just as you start to breastfeed, but can, in some cases, even after start, towards the third month. The onset of mastitis and the
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The first tip, in these cases, is to temporarily suspend breastfeeding to prevent gastrointestinal infections also the infant. In addition to pain, more or less intense, the skin reddens and the breast of the new mother becomes hot and tense. Pain and fever are often associated with a widespread sense of fatigue and "broken bones".

We must take into account that, if not treated properly, mastitis may lead to a breast abscess, which manifests itself with more pain, swelling, fever and swollen lymph glands axillary. The therapy involves the use of antibiotics and hot packs, besides the use of the breast pump, so as to avoid the stagnation milky. In severe cases, in which antibiotics do not effectively resolve the infection, you may need to be surgically affecting the abscess, in order to drain the pus.

Even the bras too tight can promote mastitis because compress the breast in an excessive way, not allowing a proper emptying of the breasts, which is why you should not wear them during the night.
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