Essay On Math Honor Society

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Knowledge is a very important aspect of life. In my opinion, if one cannot help others with the knowledge he or she has acquired, then there is no significance to that knowledge. That being said, I want to join the national math honor society because I want to help others with math, therefore, spreading my knowledge, so it will not go to waste. By helping others with math related topics, I will not only be sharing my knowledge on math, but I would also be increasing my understanding of mathematical topics as well. My interest in math has influenced me to look at future careers that involve math, such as biological engineering, because I will enjoy taking the math classes required in that particular major. Ever since my grandmother died with lymphoma, I have been very interested in biology because I want to find a cure for cancer. Before going into biology, I did not think that biology involved math skills, however, it did not take me long to learn that it is very important to have a good understanding in math to do well in a science course. As I began to exceed in math, I began opening doors to other career options that involved math. Also math has influenced me to look at life from a different perspective, a more mathematical…show more content…
I want to help people and by helping people I will be helping my character and learning from them as well. I learn best while explaining or teaching other because it is easier for me to remember the topic by doing so. Also, when I help someone understand something that is important for them to understand, then I feel really useful. Another reason for my eagerness to join the math honor society is my future education. When I apply for colleges, I want the college to see that I was a part of the wonderful math honor society. To conclude, being a part of the math honor society will help me reach my academic goals in order for me to be a successful
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