Essay On Matrilineal Family

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FAMILY AND IT’S ORIGIN Introduction: The word ‘family’ is derived from the Roman word ‘famulus’. It means a servant. A Latin word ‘familia’, which means ‘household’, also refers to family. The oldest institution among all the institutions is the family. It is the first and foremost institution. Family is the main backbone of our social structure. Per roman laws, the word famulus denotes a group of producers and slaves and other servants. It also includes the members connected with each other by marriage and descent. The concepts of family had undergone some major changes in the recent times. Different Sociologists defined Family in their own ways. The basic primary group of people and the natural matrix of personality is known as family. It can be simply defined as a woman with child and a man to look after them, in case of nuclear…show more content…
The family in which descent is determined through mother line or continues through mother it is known as Matrilineal family. The property and family name is also inherited through mother line. This right transferred from mother to daughter. A woman is the ancestor of family. The Matrilineal family is Matrilocal and Matriarchal in nature. This type of family found among the Nayers of Kerala and among tribals like Garos and Khashis. (3) Bilineal family: This type of family is the family in which descent or ancestry is traced or determined or run through both father and mother. ON BASIS OF BLOOD RELATIONSHIP: On the basis of blood relationships a family may be classified into conjugal and consanguineous family which are described below: (1) Conjugal family: Conjugal family consists of husband wife and their children and some relatives added through marriage. This family is like nuclear family and exhibits some of its characteristics. (2) Consanguineous family: This type of family consists of close blood relatives along with their mates and
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